What is Zaros?

Zaros is a Perpetuals DEX powered by Boosted (Re)Staking Vaults. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, Zaros is here to maximize your trading potential and enhance your yields on Arbitrum (and soon on Monad).

Zaros connects Liquid Re(Staking) Tokens (LSTs & LRTs) with Perpetual Futures, offering opportunities to amplify your yield through our innovative ZLP Vaults. With the ability to trade with leverage of up to 100x, our platform empowers you to take control of your investments like never before.

Why Zaros and what makes us different?

Cross-Margin Trading Accounts

Zaros utilizes Cross-Margin Trading Accounts, enabling easy and flexible backing of positions. Users can use over 15 tokens as margin collateral and have the option to create multiple trading accounts as needed.

Leverage Trade, FX and Commodities

Our platform opens doors to diverse markets, including crypto, FX, and commodities, allowing you to leverage trade with confidence and precision. With Boosted (Re)Staking vaults, you can supercharge your LRTs and LSTs yields by earning zPoints and, additional ETH from Zaros' trading fees, all through our intuitive ZLP Vaults.

A DEX with CEX-Like Experience

Say goodbye to cumbersome onchain transactions. With Zaros, you can trade seamlessly with social login integration and one-click transactions. Login with your email or Apple ID and effortlessly authenticate your first transaction during every session.

ZLP Vaults - Market Making Vaults

The ZLP Vaults are single-sided LPing smart contracts that take the underlying collateral provided by Liquidity Providers (LPs), and lock it to increase the caps of Zaros perpetual futures markets. LPs earn ETH fees paid by traders in exchange for lending their collateral for the generation of Zaros liquidity.

You can become a market maker of the Zaros protocol by providing liquidity to any of the ZLP Vaults listed here, earning the native collateral's yield and rewards (e.g EigenLayer Points), while also earning ETH real yield and zPoints on top of your stack.

Create Multiple Trading Accounts

Traders can create as many trading accounts on Zaros as desired, enabling them to implement different margin strategies. This enhances their flexibility and allows for a unique strategy for each account.

Skew and Open Interest Caps

Zaros markets have skew caps and open interest caps, resulting in higher TVL utilization than competitors, also enabling listing experimental markets (e.g memecoins). Those configurable parameters limit exposure ZLP Vaults have to market's volatility, while traders still have a reliable access to liquidity.

Native Ecosystem Stablecoin

USDz is a overcollaterized stablecoin that is native to the Zaros ecosystem. It’s designed to serve as a stable and reliable source of value within the platform, enabling leverage trading and liquidity provisioning. For detailed explanation, go to the next page.

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