Zaros Season Rewards: Understanding zPoints and ZRS Tokens Conversion


On Zaros, each season brings an opportunity for users to earn rewards through zPoints, which can be converted into ZRS tokens. It's important to understand that each season will feature its own distinct points system. For example: points earned during season 1 will not carry over to season 2, nor will they have the same conversion rate.

Key Points:

  • Seasonal Rewards: Earn zPoints by engaging in various seasonal activities including platform engagement, participating in the Trading League Competition, and contributing liquidity to ZLP Vaults.

  • Conversion to ZRS Tokens: Accumulated zPoints will be converted to ZRS tokens at specific time windows in the future, by the end of each season.

  • Distinct Points System: The points system varies per season. Points from season 1 will not be transferable to season 2, nor the conversion rate necessarily will be the same, it may change.

  • Trading League Competition: Participating in the Trading League Competition is an excellent strategy to boost your zPoints balance. By engaging with its actions, not only can you increase your zPoints, but you also have the chance to earn Elos. These Elos serve as multipliers, significantly enhancing your total zPoints accumulation.

Note: Stay engaged with each season's specifics to maximize your rewards.

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