Zaros Core

Zaros Core: Unifying Liquidity and Trading Through Innovation

Zaros Core introduces a revolutionary framework leveraging The Tree Proxy Pattern, integrating our Perpetuals and Market Making Engines. This pioneering ecosystem is designed to mutually benefit traders and liquidity providers, offering a seamless fusion of opportunities for both parties.

External Actors

The Zaros ecosystem is also supported by three key external actors that play significant roles in its operation and integration into the broader blockchain landscape.


Chainlink acts as a crucial infrastructure provider for the Zaros ecosystem by supplying robust and secure Data Feeds, Data Streams, and Keepers services. These offerings are pivotal in maintaining the ecosystem's reliability and connectivity with the wider blockchain universe.


AccountNFT, based on the ERC-721 standard, represents a trader's account within the ecosystem. This enables traders to manage multiple accounts, each tailored to different trading strategies, enhancing the flexibility and personalization of the trading experience.


USDz is the native stablecoin of the Zaros ecosystem. It is an overcollateralized stablecoin backed by LPs' LSTs & LRTs. Designed for utility within the Zaros ecosystem, USDz is primarily used for paying traders' positions, ensuring a stable and reliable medium of exchange.

For Liquidity Providers: The ZLP Vaults

Liquidity providers have the unique opportunity to deposit their LSTs and LRTs into our ZLP Vaults, unlocking the potential to earn 70% of the trading fees generated from our Perpetuals DEX. This innovative approach incentivizes participation by directly linking the success of our trading platform to the rewards of our liquidity providers.

These Vaults allow for the efficient management of Liquid Staking Tokens. They are responsible for overseeing a portion of protocol-controlled USDz, ensuring the proper allocation of assets within the ecosystem.

For Traders: The Stability of USDz

Traders operate within this ecosystem and have their positions paid in USDz, our over-collateralized stablecoin, supported by the robust contributions of our liquidity providers. This ensures a stable and reliable trading environment, where the positions of traders are securely backed, fostering confidence and continuity in trading activities.

Credit Module

The Credit Module relies on the liquidity provided by the ZLP Vaults to function effectively. It is designed to offer support for Liquid (Re)Staking Tokens like Lido’s $wstETH, or Etherfi’s $weETH, thereby boosting liquidity available for trading on Zaros’ perpetual futures markets.

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