Oracles and Keepers

Importance of Oracles in Our Decentralized System

Oracles play an indispensable role in the decentralized ecosystem by seamlessly incorporating accurate and decentralized data into the blockchain. This integration is particularly vital for our Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Zaros Perpetuals, where it underpins the reliability and efficiency of all transactions and operations.

At the core of our system are the Chainlink Data Feeds and Data Streams, which are instrumental in connecting Zaros smart contracts with aggregated pricing data provided by our partner. This data comes from multiple independent Chainlink node operators, ensuring a high level of security and transparency. Such a robust setup guarantees that the data driving Zaros Perpetuals DEX is dependable, thus fostering trust in our platform.

Key Features:

  • Chainlink Data Feeds: Facilitate secure, transparent access to aggregated pricing data, crucial for the dependability of Zaros Perpetuals DEX.

  • Chainlink Data Streams: Offer real-time, low-latency market data delivery off-chain, which can be verified onchain, enabling Zaros Perpetuals DEX to match the performance of centralized exchanges without sacrificing transparency or decentralization.

By bridging reliable, high-quality, and decentralized data to the blockchain, oracles ensure not only the integrity of transactions but also the operational efficiency of our platform. Their integration within Zaros Perpetuals DEX is a testament to our commitment to providing a transparent, secure, and efficient trading environment.

Zaros Ecosystem: The Role of Keepers

In the dynamic landscape of Zaros, the efficiency and stability of its ecosystem are upheld by the pivotal roles of two principal Keepers. These specialized entities are at the heart of Zaros's operational framework, ensuring seamless market dynamics and integrity.

Key Functions of Keepers

  • Liquidation Process: Keepers continuously monitor positions to ensure they meet maintenance margin requirements, initiating liquidations proactively to uphold market stability. In this case it's used an eventTrigger keeper.

  • Market Orders: These keepers, activated by our custom logic, are tasked with executing market orders by opening and closing them.

Chainlink Automation powers our keepers through the deployment of custom logic triggers, ensuring reliable and accurate functionality. This robust framework is essential for the platform's overall performance.

The Symbiotic Relationship

Zaros distinguishes itself in the DeFi space by fostering a symbiotic relationship between Keepers and Oracles. This partnership automates critical processes, including liquidations, predicated on accurate, real-time data. It is this collaboration that ensures the platform's operational integrity and market order execution is both efficient and secure.


Keepers are integral to Zaros, serving as the automated executors that make the platform's operations seamless and secure. Their interaction with Oracles brings a new level of efficiency and reliability, highlighting Zaros's innovative edge in the DeFi ecosystem.

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