$ZRS Supply & Emissions

Tokenomics Information

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 95,929,470

Wallet for Tokens Locked:

  • Investors / Advisors / Core Contributors: 0x7cc7e125d83a581ff438608490cc0f7bdff79127

  • Zaros Foundation (Treasury & Ecosystem & etc.): 0xF510e630dEc6a37Df71792899418833409A9d098

Token Distribution Breakdown:

  • Investors: Allocation for early investors with a 6-month cliff and a 12-month vesting period.

  • Future Core Contributors: Token allocation for upcoming core team members with cliff and vesting periods TBD.

  • IDO LBP: Token allocation for the Initial DEX offering, to be launched through Fjord Foundry's LBP. No cliff, no vesting.

  • Ecosystem Incentives (zPoints): Includes incentives for initial protocol participation, ongoing incentives for protocol participation for the next 4 years, and airdrops.

  • Treasury: Reserved tokens for operational needs, opportunistic fundraising, and ongoing expenses. 0,75% at TGE, no cliff, and vesting schedule TBD.

  • Advisory: Tokens allocated to advisors with a 6-month cliff and an 18-month vesting period.

  • Core Contributors: Token allocations for the core team members with a 6-month cliff and a 12-month vesting period.

  • Founders: Token allocations for the founders with a 6-month cliff and a 24-month vesting period.

Revenue Distribution

The Zaros Revenue Distribution system is responsible for managing the allocation of ETH real yield accrued by the protocol through fees paid by traders using Zaros' trading products.

  • 70% to ZLP Vaults: The majority of accrued ETH is sent to the ZLP Vaults LPs, since they're the ones market making to Zaros and creating its liquidity.

  • 15% to veZRS Lockers: This portion of the revenue generated is allocated to veZRS lockers, incentivizing long-term holding and participation in the ecosystem.

  • 10% to the DAO Treasury: This allocation is reserved for the DAO Treasury. This portion empowers the DAO with funds to support its decision-making processes.

  • 5% for Buyback and Burn of ZRS: The remaining revenue is used to buy back ZRS tokens from the market and subsequently burn them, reducing the overall supply.

It's important to note that these allocations are subject to change through future ZCCPs (Zaros Configuration Change Proposals), allowing for dynamism and adaptability in the revenue distribution strategy.

$ZRS Emission Schedule

This document provides a detailed breakdown of $ZRS Emission.

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