Social Login and One-Click Transactions

Experience the Best of Both Worlds with Zaros

Zaros redefines trading on a decentralized exchange (DEX) by offering a centralized exchange (CEX) experience within a DEX environment. This innovative approach removes the complexities typically associated with DEXs, providing a seamless and user-friendly platform.

What makes Zaros unique?

  • Ease of Use: Create an account effortlessly using just your email or Apple ID. No complicated wallet setups required.

  • Simplified Trading: Engage in trading with a single click. Forget about the endless approvals and the hassle of opening a position. Zaros streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.

Experience the future of trading with Zaros, where the perfect balance between convenience and security has been achieved in a decentralized environment. Via Account Abstraction, a groundbreaking feature, we seamlessly merge the security of decentralized platforms with the ease-of-use found in traditional finance, offering an unparalleled trading experience. Wondering how this is achievable?

Account Abstraction

Blockchain networks typically have two types of accounts: externally owned accounts (EOAs) controlled by users and contract accounts managed by smart contract code. EOAs are the only way to initiate transactions and execute smart contracts, but they are limited to basic operations. Account Abstraction is a concept aimed at increasing the flexibility of blockchain user accounts and taking advantage of smart contract wallets' unique properties.

Transactions and Fees

By implementing Account Abstraction, transactions can be batched and there is no longer a need for the network's native token to pay fees, making it significantly easier to create smart contract wallets. This shift paves the way for a future where accounts can be tailored to users' specific needs through smart contracts.

Smart Contract Wallets and Security

Smart contract wallets are special-purpose smart contracts that define and manage user accounts. They offer many benefits, such as outlining flexible security rules, allowing for batch transactions, and recovering an account without a seed phrase. Account Abstraction enables smart contracts to initiate transactions, providing more customization, security, and ease-of-use for users.

Social Login and One-Click Transactions on Zaros Perps DEX

Account Abstraction also enables users to sign transactions without the need for a private key or seed phrase, which is beneficial for Social Login and One-Click Transactions on Zaros. Rather than using a private key, several people, devices, and third-party services can become wallet guardians, providing flexible security options. Batch transactions simplify the DeFi experience, making it as seamless and simple as conventional finance. Here, we provide you flexibility to use since from traditional wallets like Metamask, Rabby and Hardware wallets, until social login. Flexibility is one of our key principles.

Overall, Account Abstraction represents a significant shift in the design of blockchain accounts, introducing greater customization, security, and ease-of-use for users. With this feature, we provide you the CEX-Like experience in a decentralized manner.

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