Phase 1 ZRS/ETH Incentives

Liquidity Provision from IDO Proceeds

15% of the IDO proceeds will be allocated to Aura Finance's ZRS/ETH pool, ensuring fair liquidity for the ZRS/ETH pair.

Balancer Gauge

Gauge is a contract that allows for streaming BAL emissions to a Liquidity Pool. Pools don't receive BAL rewards by default. However, once a Gauge proposal gets approved for a pool, it means that the pool is going to receive BAL emissions. On Zaros, we are going to have a Gauge for the ZRS/ETH pair.

Aura Finance

Aura Finance is a protocol built on top of the Balancer system to provide maximum incentives to Balancer liquidity providers and BAL stakers (into veBAL) through social aggregation of BAL deposits and Auraโ€™s native token. Aura enables users to continue receiving their trading fees but at a higher APY due to Aura's protocol-owned veBAL. Simultaneously, Aura LPs will benefit from native protocol (AURA) tokens as rewards. As a result, LPs in the ZRS/ETH pool will receive incentives from this.

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