Trading League Competition

Trading League Competition Overview

The Trading League Competition presents a unique opportunity for participants in any season to significantly boost their zPoints, establishing it as one of the prime chances to increase and multiply their point totals.

Ranking and Rewards

Participants are ranked by their Profit and Loss (PnL) performance, affecting their standing on the leaderboard and their Elo rating within the league.

Earning zPoints and Elos

Participating actively in league activities not only increases your zPoints but also gives you Elos. Elos are significant badges that participants earn, serving a crucial role in the league. The Elos you hold directly influence the multiplier effect on your total zPoints, based on your current ranking. This system significantly boosts your ability to amass more points throughout the season, highlighting the importance of both engagement and performance.

Multiplier System

The league incentivizes higher performance levels with a tiered multiplier system applied to zPoints accumulation:

  • Giga Chad: 3x multiplier

  • Chad: 2.5x multiplier

  • Platinum: 2x multiplier

  • Gold: 1.5x multiplier

  • Silver: 1.25x multiplier

  • Bronze: 1.0x multiplier

This structure aims to foster an engaging and competitive environment throughout the league season.

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