Perps Engine

Zaros Perps Engine: Overview

The Zaros Perps Engine is a sophisticated, decentralized engine crafted for the Perpetuals DEX, showcasing an advanced, efficient, and future-proof structure through the implementation of the innovative Tree Proxy Pattern. This pattern underpins the engine's design, facilitating a blend of modularity, performance, and the ability to easily implement upgrades. Below, we delve into the pivotal components that form the backbone of the Zaros Perps Engine.

Core Components


  1. LookupBranch.sol - Manages the namespace's Lookup operations across the system.

  2. SettlementBranch.sol - Handles all settlement processes.

  3. PerpsAccountBranch.sol - Oversees accounts and their interactions within the platform.

  4. PerpMarketBranch.sol - Controls the creation and management of perpetual markets.

  5. OrderBranch.sol - Facilitates order management and execution.

  6. LiquidationBranch.sol - Executes liquidation procedures for undercollateralized positions.

  7. GlobalConfigurationBranch.sol - Manages global settings and configurations.

  8. UpgradeBranch.sol - List of delegated functions.


  • Branch.sol - The base contract for all branches, defining common behaviors and functionalities.

  • LookupTable.sol - A utility contract for efficient data lookup and retrieval.

  • SettlementConfiguration.sol - Defines parameters and settings for the settlement process.

  • MarketOrder.sol - Represents market orders within the system.

  • Position.sol - Manages traders' positions.

  • PerpMarket.sol - Details the properties and behaviors of a perpetual market.

  • MarketConfiguration.sol - Specifies market-specific settings and configurations.

  • OrderFees.sol - Governs the fee structure for order processing.

  • MarginCollateralConfiguration.sol - Outlines the collateral requirements and margin settings.

  • PerpsAccount.sol - Contains account-specific data and logic.

  • GlobalConfiguration.sol - Holds the global settings applicable across the Zaros platform.

  • RootUpgrade.sol - Manages upgrades to the root (proxy) to introduce new functionalities or improvements.


  • Perps Engine - The core engine that powers the Zaros Perpetual Swaps ecosystem.

The Zaros Perps Engine is designed to offer a robust, flexible, and scalable solutions for decentralized perpetual swaps, providing a foundation for efficient and secure trading operations.

Revolutionizing Trading with Cross-Margin and NFT-based Trading Accounts

Zaros transforms leverage trading on perpetual contracts by implementing cross-margin as the standard. It introduces an innovative multi-account system, allowing traders to manage multiple trading accounts via ERC-721 NFTs within a single EVM wallet. This feature provides unparalleled control over margin and risk, enabling traders to diversify strategies more effectively.

Trading Accounts System: Elevated Trading Flexibility

Traders can create multiple trading accounts, enabling them to conduct a variety of leveraged trades on numerous perpetual futures contracts. This approach maximizes capital utilization and broadens trading possibilities by offering flexibility and facilitating the implementation of distinct strategies for each account.

Cross-Margin Trading

Zaros supports cross-margin trading, allowing users to use their entire account balance to cover margin requirements. This approach provides traders with more flexibility in managing their positions and mitigating risks across different trades.

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