Introduction to $ZRS

Zaros ($ZRS) token addresses

Ethereum: 0x75e88b8c2d34a52a6d36deada664d7dc9116e4ef

Arbitrum One: Coming soon.

Balancer Pool: 0x87cf784ee055d0260ad3ab7ee40888d4a0a5d364


Aura Gauge:

Github Repo:

ZRS Token Overview

ZRS sticks to the ERC-20 standard and serves as the utility token for Zaros. By locking ZRS tokens into the protocol for up to one year, holders obtain veZRS tokens. This grants them voting privileges within the Zaros DAO and entitles them to a portion of the trading fees generated by the leverage trading DEX. The longer the lock duration, the greater the voting power. The fee-sharing mechanism operates proportionally to each veZRS holder's voting power.

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