Frequent Asked Questions

General Questions

Can anyone mint/redeem USDC during testnet?

  • Yes, all you need to do to secure your USDC is have a small amount of ETH in Arbitrum Sepolia to pay the gas fee of the chain.

For Traders

How does the trading module work?

  • Each perpetual futures market is deployed as a standalone smart contract. Traders deposit collateral to their margin account calling the Perps Vault contract, which controls connected markets and trading accounts’ collateral. Users can then create leveraged positions on any of the supported Perpetual Futures contracts, either isolating their risk per market or enabling the cross-margin mode for more flexible risk management.

Can anyone open a trading position?

  • No, you need to have a trading account first in Zaros dApp and deposit a minimum amount of USDC.

Can I withdraw my money at any time from a trading position?

  • If your trade position has not opened yet yes. If the trade position is opened you need to wait until the end of the trade or close manually for your money to show in your balance and be available for withdrawal.

For Liquidity Providers

How does the liquidity provisioning module work?

  • The protocol is built using a modular architecture, powered by the EIP-2535 Diamonds pattern. Liquidity providers’ collateral is sent to one of the supported Vaults, as explained below, and it's used to back zrsUSD, our over-collateralized stablecoin. Perpetual futures markets use the zrsUSD credit to spin up liquidity for traders, allowing any asset supported by integrated oracles to be traded on Zaros, including but not limited to crypto, commodities, and FX. In exchange for the credit provided by LPs, integrated markets pay trading fees to each Vault.

Do I need to stake again the vaults that I earned from my previous stake?

  • No, the platform re-stakes automatically for your convenience.

Security & Safety

How does Zaros protocol keep my assets safe from hacks or possible exploits?

Zaros is being audited by Cyfrin, which has been trusted by Swell, Ondo, Chainlink's Build projects, and much more, for securing over $10B of DeFi TVL.

An important mention is that our contracts are going to be audited by CodeHawks as well, which is a competitive audit platform.

Are there any missing questions that you need assist? Do not hesitate to contact us at https://discord.gg/zarosfi

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